How to use an image-processing virtual machine


To reserve and use an image-processing virtual machine you need to be a registered user of the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis. 

If you are a new user and have never used your Core account you may need to set your Core account password at

Then you need to reserve the virtual machine in the reservation system using your CORE login.

Please be considerate in your usage and always reserve virtual machines if you use them. Usage of a unreserved virtual machine, will result in a forced log-off without warningRepeated abuse may have further consequences.


If you are within Europe you must not use the UZH VPN. If you are outside of Europe, please contact us via mail.


Once you reserved a VM you may log onto it using Citrix.

Install the Citrix Workspace app and start it. 

Linux users need to add some certificates to their system, described here.

If it asks, do not enable Single Sign on:

Citrix Single Sign-on


In the Citrix Workspace software click on Add account. Then enter the following server address:

Citrix Add Account


The software will ask you for your CORE login. 

Finally a choice of virtual machines available for you is presented. (See picture below.) If you are unsure which virtual machine is suited for your needs please refer to the information about the available virtual machine groups.


Citrix StoreFront



Clicking on an icon connects you to a virtual machine of this type. In case all virtual machines are in use, you will get an error message "Cannot start app. Please contact your help desk." If this happens please a mail to You can also see occupancy of the machines at the VM usage overview page.


On the virtual machines you have access to all data which is saved on the network drive of the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis. If you do not know what the purpose of the network drive folders are and how to access these folders refer to the according howto pages: How to save your data and How to access your data


Log off

There are two options to choose from when logging off:

A. If you want to log off of the VM click in the Start menu Log offThis will terminate the session on the virtual machine.

B.  If you want to keep the VM running and only disconnect from seeing its screen, click in the Start menu on the little arrow next to log off and click Disconnect or the disconnect button on the upper right (see image below).

This will allow you to log in onto the VM from everywhere later. However, be aware that after some hours of inactivity the VM will shut off automatically which may cause loss of unsaved data.

Logoff / Disconnect



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