CLSM - Leica SP8 inverse (Schlieren)

The Leica SP8 is an automated inverted confocal laser scanning microscope allowing simultaneous acquisition of 4 fluorescent channels and 1 transmitted light channel (BF or DIC). A climate chamber and resonant scanner favor confocal live cell studies.


University Zurich, Schlieren, Room WAD-12-K-105. Phone +41 44 635 34 91

Training Request

Follow this link to apply for an introduction to the microscope.

Technical Specifications


  • inverted confocal microscope (Leica DMI6000 AFC, Model SP8)
  • 4 freely selectable emission detection windows
  • motorized x/y stage
  • 3D capability
  • time lapse capability

Light Sources and Lasers

  • Halogen lamp for transmitted light
  • External fluorescence lamp  LQ-HXP 120
  • Diode Lasers: 405 nm, 442nm
  • Argon Laser: 458 nm, 476 nm, 488 nm, 496 nm, 514 nm
  • Diode pumped solid state laser (DPSS): 561nm
  • Helium Neon (HeNe) Laser: 633nm

Scanners (tandem scanner system)

  • confocal point-scanning - optical sectioning
  • zoom function
  • Regular scanner (field-of-view scanner): 1 Hz to 1800 Hz
  • Resonant scanner: 8 kHz


  • 4 confocal fluorescence channels: two Photomultipliertubes (PMTs) and two super-sensitive Hybrid detectors (HyD)
  • one transmission light-channel (PMT-Trans) 


Name Magnification NA Immersion WD (mm)
HC PL FLUOTAR 10x 0.3 Air 11.0
HC PL APO CS2 20x 0.75 IMM 0.68
PL APO CS 20x 0.7 Air N/A
HC PL APO CS2 63x 1.4 oil 0.1
HC PL APO CS2 63x 1.3 glycerol 0.3

CS2 objectives: improved color correction, perfect VIS-405; IMM = multi immersion (either water, glycerol or oil)

Fluorescence Filters

Name Excitation Range Excitation Filter Dichroic Emission Filter
A4 UV BP 360/40 400 BP 470/40
GFP blue BP 470/40 500 BP 525/50
N2.1 green BP 515-560 580 LP 590
CFP violet/blue BP 436/20 455 BP 480/40


  • controlled environmental conditions (CO2, temperature, humidity)
  • Matrix screening software (reservation needed)

Literature and Links

System Status

Follow this link for an updated status of the system

Responsible Persons

If you have questions about the microscope please contact Claudia Dumrese