Lightsheet - Zeiss Z.1 (Irchel)

The Zeiss Z.1 lightsheet fluorescence microscope enables long term imaging of large biological samples. It delivers optical sections of large samples, with virtually no phototoxicity or bleaching and with high temporal resolution. The lightsheet microscope is suited to study biological and developmental processes of entire living systems such as zebrafish embryos, drosophila larva or plants with cellular resolution.


University Zurich, Irchel Campus, Room Y42-H-91. Phone +41 44 635 54 04

Training Request

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Technical Specifications

Light Sources and Lasers

Solid state diode lasers: 405nm (20mW), 445nm (25mW), 488nm (50mW), 561nm (50mW), 638nm (75mW)


Name Magnification   NA Immersion WD (mm)
EC Plan-NEOFLUAR 5x   0.16 Air 18.5
Plan APO 10x   0.5 Water 3.7
W Plan APO 20x   1.0 Water 2.4
W Plan APO 40x   1.0 Water 2.5
W Plan-APO 63x   1.0 Water 2.1

Fluorescence Filters

Filter wheel 1

Name (Wheel Pos.) Dichroic Camera 1 Camera 2
green, red (P5) lp 560 sp 550 lp 585
gfp, mcherry (P6) lp 560 bp 505-530 lp 585
dapi, draq5 (P2) lp 490 bp 420-470 lp 660
dapi, cy3 (P3) lp 510 bp 420-470 bp 575-615
cfp, draq5 (P4) lp 510 bp 460-500 lp 660

Filter wheel 2

Name (Wheel Pos.) Dichroic Camera 1 Camera 2
dapi, gfp (P2) lp 490 bp 420-470 bp 505-545
dapi, cy3 (P3) lp 510 bp 420-470 bp 575-615
gfp, cy3 (P4) lp 560 bp 505-545 bp 575-615
gfp, draq5 (P5) lp 560 bp 505-545 lp 660
cfp, cy3 (P6) lp 510 bp 460-500 bp 575-615

Camera Systems

Two sCMOs-Cameras: 3.8 MPixel (pixel size 6.5 µM), maximal frame rate 30 fps at 960 x 1024 pixel.

The acquisition speed of the Z.1 microscope is strongly dependent on the chosen number of cameras and resolution. For achieving high temporal resolution, this parameters have to be optimized carefully:

  1 Camera Active (1 Color Experiment)2 Cameras Active (2 Color Experiment)
Field of ViewSpeedField of ViewSpeed
1920 x 1920 20 fps 1920 x 1920 10 fps
960 x 960 57 fps 960 x 960 36 fps
800 x 800 57 fps 800 x 800 50 fps
640 x 640 67 fps 640x 64067 fps
>96-480 x 96 80 fps>96-480 x 9680 fps


Controlled environmental conditions (CO2, temperature)


  • For initial tests and the first experiments, the ZMB will serve users with the needed experimental accessories such as syringes, tubing and capillaries. If they become regular user of the microscope, they have to organize the accessories by themselves.
  • Lightsheet microscopy is a very powerful technique which allows performing prolonged experiments with high temporal and special resolution. It is possible to produce very large amounts of data within short periods of time (>50 Gigabyte per minute). Due to the very limited storage capacity at the ZMB, lightsheet users are encouraged to think about data storage and processing from the very beginning of their experiments.



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Responsible Persons

If you have questions about the microscope please contact Caroline Aemisegger.