Multiphoton - Leica TCS SP8 MP (Botinst)


The inverted Leica multiphoton and confocal fluorescence microscope is equipped with a pre-compensated infrared laser (Insight DS+ Dual from Spectra Physics) as well as with a whitelight laser for visible excitation. Besides multiphoton excitation as well as one photon excitation, non-linear experiments such as second harmonic generation can be performed with the system.


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Technical Specifications

Light Sources and Lasers

  • Insigth DS+ Dual (680-1300 nm & 1041nm) ultrafast NIR laser for multiphoton excitation
  • White light laser (WLL): continuous laser output in the range of 470-670nm; AOTF allows to choose up to 8 different wavelengths simultaneously; pulsed laser system with a repetition rate of 80 MHz
  • Diode laser 405 nm (50mW)
  • Argon Laser (65mW): 458 nm, 476 nm, 488 nm, 496 nm, 514 nm
  • Halogen lamp for transmitted light
  • External fluorescence lamp  LQ-HXP 120

Scanners (tandem scanner system)

  • point-scanning
  • zoom function
  • Regular scanner (field-of-view scanner): 1 Hz to 1800 Hz
  • Resonant scanner: 8 kHz


Name Magnification NA Immersion WD (mm)
HC PL APO 10x/0.40 CS2 10x 0.4 Air 2.2
HC PL APO 20x/0.75 IMM CORR CS2 20x 0.75 Multi-immersion 0.68
HC FLUOTAR L 25x/0.95 W VISIR 25x 0.95 Water 2.5
HC PL APO 63x/1.40 OIL CS2 63x 1.4 Oil 0.14
HC PL APO 63x/1.20 W motCORR CS2 63x 1.2 Water 0.3

Fluorescence Filters

Non-Descanned Detection:

  • HyD-RLD 2ch DAPI/FITC filter cube: 460/50 & 525/50 with 495 SP
  • HyD-RLD 2ch CFP/YFP filter cube: 483/32 & 535/30 with 505 SP
  • HyD-RLD 2ch TRITC/A633 filter cube: 585/40 & 650/50 with 620 SP
  • HyD-RLD 2ch A488/A647 filter cube: 525/50 & 675/55 with 620 SP


  • Beamsplitter Quad LP 505
  • Beamsplitter Quad SP 500
  • Beamsplitter Quad LP 560
  • Beamsplitter Quad SP 565


Widefield Fluorescence Filter Cubes

  • DAPI
  • GFP
  • CFP
  • DsRed


  • 4 non-descanned super-sensitive photon-counting hybrid detectors (HyD)
  • 3 descanned confocal fluorescence channels: one Photomultipliertube (PMT) and two super-sensitive photon-counting hybrid detectors (HyD, suitable for time gated detection in combination with visible excitation)
  • transmission light-channel (PMT-Trans)

Camera Systems

Leica DFC7000 T Color CCD Camera

  • digital color, high-sensitivity, cooled camera for fluorescence and brightfield microscopy
  • 1920x1440 pixel image size
  • RGB Bayer mask color filter
  • 4 microseconds - 200 seconds exposure
  • 8 or 12 bit bit depth
  • 40 fps @ full frame
  • color or monochrome operation


  • controlled environmental conditions (temperature, humidity)



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Responsible Persons

If you have questions about the microscope please contact Joana Raquel Delgado Martins or José María Mateos Melero.