Tissue clearing and large volume imaging platform

Tissue Clearing Example

Understanding the 3D organization of cells, organelles and proteins in complex biological samples is the main goal for many fields of biology and medicine. Light scattering in these samples is the major limiting factor for achieving complete 3D information from organs (Richardson & Lichtman, 2015). Recent innovations in tissue clearing, allowing to convert opaque tissues into translucent, has granted researches the possibility to gaze deeper into their samples without performing arduous and likely damaging physical sectioning. The high-resolution datasets for a comprehensive analysis of cells in the whole organs could be acquired from practically intact samples employing optical sectioning fluorescence microscopy.

The aim of the platform is to provide user-support for all phases of the large volume imaging workflow: tissue clearing, image acquisition using suitable microscopy methods for large sample volumes and processing of resultant massive amounts of data.

Tissue Clearing

Deep Tissue Imaging of Clarified Specimens

Image analysis

Responsible Persons

If you have questions about the platform please contact: José María Mateos