Imaris 9.9 - Labkit, machine learning pixel classification

Imaris Labkit

Imaris 9.9 adds a new pixel classification segmentation method powered by Labkit (FiJi). The addition of machine learning pixel classification has an intuitive and interactive training mode which allows you to rapidly segment surfaces and spots, even in big datasets. 

It also enables electron microscopy segmentation and shape recognition.

imaris labkit

Try it out now on our virtual infrastructure!

Check out our guides for surface creation here.

In addition, Imaris 9.9 is the most open and flexible Imaris version ever. The connection between open-source software packages (ilastik, FiJi) and Imaris is also now easier by enabling the ability to directly import label images or position data as Surfaces or Spots, respectively.

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Joana Delgado Martins