Imaris 9.3.0 Release with Arena and Batch Processing

Next Sunday (14th of April 2019) the new Imaris 9.3.0 will be installed on the virtual machines. This long awaited updated brings important new features and bug fixes.

Most importantly it will contain a new microscopy image browser called «Arena» which allows you to watch and explore your image folders independently of their location. Together with the Arena there comes also the possibility for simple image processing as well as for creating batch pipelines including image processing and object detection. Controlled by Arena, these batch pipelines can then be automatically applied to selected images or complete folders.

If you want to know more about the new features, please check out the video tutorials from Bitplane:

In order to get you up to speed we also made a short guide about how to use the new "Arena" feature:

The old versions (7.7.2 & 8.4.1) will still be installed to avoid any problems due to bugs or incompatibilities. If you have any questions about this change or need assistance in using the new software please  contact us.

Dominik Hänni