Imaris 9.7.2 Available on the ZMB Virtual Machines

Imaris Viewer

For further improving your 3D image analysis and visualization experience, the most recent version of Imaris (9.7.2) is now available on all image processing virtual machines.

The most important improvements in this version are about spatial and temporal analysis of imaging data.

Temporal “events” can be defined by the recently introduced object classification functionality and the resulting statistics can then be analyzed in relation to those time synchronized events.

Spatially it’s now possible to measure surface overlap ratios and to perform statistics about the relative spatial attraction or repulsion of spots vs. surfaces or surfaces vs. distance dependent intensities. This functionality is complemented by randomization simulations to get better insights into the statistical significance of those spatial distributions.

If you want to know more about the new features, please check out the release notes:

A webinar about the new Imaris features can be found here:

The old versions (8.4.1 & 9.3.0) will still be installed to avoid any problems due to bugs or incompatibilities.

If you have any questions or need assistance in using the new software version please contact us via email.

Dominik Hänni