BIO 691 - Teaching Advanced Microscopy for Life Sciences

Do you have to teach during your PhD? Are you fascinated by the field of microscopy? While training microscopy at our facility you have the opportunity to combine both. We offer you flexible timing, and the experience in teaching advanced microscopes and essential concepts to new users/students of our core facility.

Our program is running for two years now and our Teaching Assistants have given us very positive feedbacks on their teaching experiences at the Microscopy Facility.


Training scientist at the microscopes is a crucial part in the process of acquiring relevant and artefact free data. We propose to qualify PhD students with an already good understanding of microscopy to teach scientist at advanced microscopes of the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis and to assist teaching in microscopy courses.

PhD students taking this course will attend an introductory course (1 day) and then contribute to teaching microscopy in courses and to new users at the microscopy core facility, which counts towards their teaching hours required by the Faculty of Science.

Requests for information, participation:
Please contact Dr. José María Mateos