All work involving biosafety class 2 organisms on all our systems must be performed according to GLP and biosafety regulations of the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis, University of Zurich and the BAG (Bundesamt für Gesundheit).

The class 2 cell culture lab may be used for culturing and preparing cells for experiments performed with all systems at the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis. Please contact the biosafety officer Claudia Dumrese before starting your work.

Standard Operating Procedure - Biosafety Operating Procedure


This SOP should serve as a short support guide than working with BSL2 pathogens at the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis (ZMB).


Please, use the feedback form (desktop) to report a spill and contact Dr. Claudia Dumrese (5 53 36) in case of questions.

For performing BSL2 level imaging experiments at the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis this requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The ecogen number is known to the operator
  • The operator is trained and authorized in handling BSL2 pathogens
  • The biosafety level of the pathogen is not more than 2
  • Pathogen has been assigned in the reservation system accordingly with your booking


  1. Transport

Use adequate transport for BSL2 material (double containment, enough sucking material).

  1. Wear gloves ONLY to manipulate the sample, but NOT for using the microscope and computer.
  2. Bring appropriate decontamination chemicals to the microscope
  3. Spill and Decontamination

In case of a spill evacuate the room if necessary (e.g. Toxoplasma gondi and pregnant user in the room)

Clean the spill from the microscope and surrounding work area properly.

Dispose waste exclusively in the bin which will be autoclaved (Cell culture lab – Y42 H97a).

  1. Report

Report spill to the ZMB staff via the feedback form (desktop), which must include:

  • What was spilled
  • How much was spilled (maximum amount)
  • Which parts of the system got contaminated (e.g. floor, keyboard, microscope)
  • How was it decontaminated