About us

We are committed to cutting-edge microscopy supporting life science research. Various advanced microscopy systems are available via the Center at various locations of the UZH.


The Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis is an advanced imaging facility of the University of Zurich providing various imaging techniques in microscopy. The focus is on techniques, instrumentation and know-how in electron and light microscopy including preparation.

The Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis is open to all users of the University of Zurich, University Hospitals of Zurich, but also to members of the ETH and other academic institutions. This common resource approach ensures a cost effective usage of expensive instrumentation and development of research methods. Establishment and management of complex microscopic and image analysis systems, training and support of users as well as collaboration on research projects but also service in imaging and preparation techniques are core functions. The Center is organizing seminars, lectures and courses on microscopic techniques and image analysis.

We assist users in using complex microscopes, in planning imaging projects, sample preparation, image processing, data analysis and storage as well as establishing new imaging infrastructure.


We teach microscopy, imaging and sample preparation in lectures and practical courses. In order to use advanced  microscopy systems users are trained individualy with a special focus on research projects. Register to use the infrastructure of the Center.


In collaboration with research groups of the UZH we support microscopy and imaging related projects in sample preparation, electron and light microscopy.

We list some publications and acknowledgements of ZMB.


A team of imaging specialists in imaging and sample prepration with a focus on microscopy is available for service, teaching and research collaborations.


Campus Irchel:This is the main location where most of the systems are located. Staff is available during office hours.

Schlieren: In this location, a confocal laserscanning and a widefield microscope are available. Some support is available by staff on site during certain days.

Center and USZ: In this location, a confocal laserscanning microscope is available.

Veterinary Hospital: In this location, a confocal laserscanning microscope and a laser microdissection microscope are available

Children Hospital @ August Forel Strasse: In this location, a confocal laserscanning microscope will be available early during 2015.

Botanical Garden: In this location, a scanning electron microscope is available.