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Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis

Image and Data Analysis

Image processing and data analysis are an essential part in imaging based research projects. The Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis supports the users with consulting, training as well as the needed hard- and software infrastructure to analyze their imaging data. In various courses, lectures and seminars we also educate students and researchers in different aspects of image analysis.


Our experts in image and data analysis consult and train the users of our facility in aspects such as optimizing image acquisition, suitable image processing tools, image enhancement, visualization and automated quantitative analysis of various types of microscopic images and imaging data.

Consulting in Image and Data Analysis​​​​​​​


Besides one-to-one consulting and training in image analysis, we also educate students and researches in lectures, courses and seminars. Currently our courses with significant image processing parts are Bio 321, Bio 407, Bio 416 as well as some of our lunch seminars.


For complex projects, which exceed the resources of our standard consulting or for establishing novel techniques together with research groups we also participate in research collaborations.

Tutorials & Ressources

For getting started in using the most widely used tools for image processing, we serve our users with short manuals and hands-on tutorials.

Image Processing Tutorials

Hard- and Software

The Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis operates an IT infrastructure for image processing and data analysis, which consists of 35 high-end virtual machines together with 1.4 petabytes of high performance storage. Outfitted with a broad range of open source and commercial image processing and data analysis tools, we serve our users with around 60`000 hours of image processing per year.


If you want to know more about the image processing resources at the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis you can contact the image processing team: